The Celtic Apostolic Succession: Line of St. Patrick

Origin of this Line is based on the Apostle John and Apostle James, the brother of Jesus and Bishop of Jerusalem, through the Presbyterate of the Celts in the Line of Apostolic Succession from the Early Days of The Christian New Testament Church, established by Jesus Christ, upon this Rock.


Early Abbots and Bishops of Armagh

*dates uncertain, Saint Patrick Irish: Pátraic

Founder of the bishopric in around 444; resigned, but date unknown; died 17 March, but the year is uncertain, the Annals of Ulster record the repose (i.e., death) of three bishops of the same name in 457, 461 and 493; also known as Patricius or St Patrick.

 *447/8 (or 457), (Saint Secundinus Irish: Sechnall mac Restituit)

Occurs in the list in the Book of Leinster; served as an assistant to Bishop Pátraic; considered to be the founder of Dunshaughlin (Domnach Seachnaill); died 27 November 447/8 (or 457); also known as Seachnaill and St Secundinius.[4]

*dates uncertain, (Sen-Phátraic)

Occurs in the list in the Book of Leinster, but may not really exist; his name means "Old Patrick"; died 24 August, but the year not recorded, however, the Annals of Ulster record the "repose (i.e., death) of the elder Patrick" in 457.

*d. 467/8, Benignus of Armagh (Saint Benan; Benén mac Sescnén)

Died 9 November 467 or 468.

*d. 481, Saint Iarlaithe mac Treno

Died 11 February 481; also known as Saint Jarlath.

*d. 497, Saint Cormac of Armagh

Called bishop and abbot; styled heres Patricii in the Annals of Ulster, 'first abbot' in the official list; died 17 February 497.

*d. 513, Dubthach the First

Called bishop; also known as Dubtach.

*d. 526, Saint Ailill the First

Called bishop; died 13 January 526; also known as Ailid or Olild .

*d. 536, Saint Ailill the Second

Called bishop; died 1 July 536; also known as Ailid.

 *548, Saint Dubthach the Second

Called abbot; perhaps identical with Bishop 'Dauid Farannaini' (Dauid mac Guairi ui Farannáin), whose death is appended in a late hand in the Annals of Ulster in 551; also known as Duach, but see entry for Fiachra mac Colmain.

*d. 558, Saint Fiachra mac Colmain

Called abbot.

*d. 578, Saint Fedelmid Find

Called abbot.

*d. 588, Saint Carláen

Called bishop; died 24 March 588; also known as Cairlan, Ciarláech and Cairellán.

*d. 598, Eochu macDiarmaid

Called abbot; also recorded as Eochaid.

*d. 610, Saint Senach

Called abbot.

*d. 623, Saint Mac Laisre

Called abbot; died 12 September 623.

*d. 661, Saint Tómméne

Called bishop; died 10 January 661; also recorded as St Tommine .

*d. 688, Saint Ségéne

Called bishop; died 24 May 688; after Ségéne the Book of Leinster inserts an unnamed Forannán with the reign of 1 year.

*d. 715, Saint Fland Feblae mac Scandláin

Called abbot and bishop.

*d. 730, Saint Suibne

Called bishop; died 21 June 730; also known as Suibne nepos mac Crundmaíl or Suibne nepos Mruichessaich.

*d. 750, Congus

Called bishop (also scribe)

Later Abbots of Armagh

*d. 758, Célé Petair

Also known as Céile Petair from Crích Bresail, or Cele-Peter.

*d. 768, Saint Fer dá Chrích mac Suibni

*? res. c. 772, Cú Dínaisc mac Conasaig

Possibly resigned c. 772; died 791.

*d. 793, Dub dá Leithe I mac Sínaig

Member of the Clann Sinaig.

*dep. 793, Fóendelach mac Móenaig


*d. 794, Airechtach ua Fáeláin

Died on the same night as Bishop Affiath; also known as Airechtach grandson of Faelán alias grandson of Fledach.

*d. 795, Fóendelach mac Móenaig (again)


*d. 806, Gormgal mac Dindataig

Also abbot of Clones; omitted from the list together with Fland Roí mac Cummascaig, who took the abbey by force (his grandfather, Conchobar, was killed in 698), rival to Fóendelach; also known as Gormgal mac Dindanaig, mac Dindagaid, or mac Indnotaig.

*d. 807, Condmach mac Duib dá Leithe

Member of the Clann Sinaig; in opposition to abbots Fóendelach and Gormgal; recognised as coarb in the Annals of Ulster in 804.

*d. 808, Torbach mac Gormáin

Died 16 July 808.

*d. 809, Toicthech ua Tigernaig

Not in the official list.

*d. 812, Saint Nuadu of Loch Uama

Also bishop of Armagh and anchorite.

*d. 826, Flandgus mac Loingsig

Also known as Fergus mac Loingsig.

*deposed 827/8, Artrí mac Conchobair

Acted as abbot and Coarb (or possibly on behalf of Flandgus) in 818, 823, 825; also was bishop of Armagh from 794; died 833.

*d. 830, (? Suibne mac Forandáin)

Called Abbas duorum mensium in the Annals of Ulster, and abbot of Devenish in the Chronicon Scotorum; not in the official list; also known as Suibne mac Fairnig.

*d. 834, Eógan Mainistrech mac Ainbthig

Also fer léigind (i.e., Lector) of Monasterboice and (since 830) abbot of Clonard.

*d. 852, Forindán mac Murgile

Rival abbot to Diarmait ua Tigernáin; also bishop of Armagh and scribe.

*d. 852, Diarmait ua Tigernáin

Rival abbot to Forindán mac Murgile.

*d. 856, (? Cathassach)

Only in the Annals of Inisfallen and the Fragmentary Annals of Ireland; but the Annals of the Four Masters call him fer tigis (i.e., oeconomus).

*d. 874, Féthgno mac Nechtain

Also bishop of Armagh; died 6 October 874.

*deposed 877, Máel Cobo mac Crundmaíl

Deposed 877.

*deposed 877/8, Ainmere ua Fáeláin

Deposed 877/8, died 879.

*restored 877/8, Máel Cobo mac Crundmaíl (again)

Restored 877/8; the four years assigned to his successor Cathassach mac Robartaig, who died in retirement in 883, suggests that Máel Cobo's capture by the Norse in 879 put an end to his tenure of office; died 888 .

*d. 883, Cathassach mac Robartaig

Also bishop of Armagh.

*d. 927, Máel Brigte mac Tornáin

Also Coarb of Colum Cille in 891.

*d. 936, Ioseph mac Fathaig

Also bishop of Armagh and anchorite; also known as Joseph .

*d. 936, Máel Pátraic mac Máel Tuile

Also bishop of Armagh.

*d. 957, Cathassach mac Doilgén

Also bishop of Armagh.

*dep. 965, Muiredach mac Fergussa

Deposed 965; died 966.

*d. 998, Dub dá Leithe II mac Cellaig

Member of the Clann Sinaig; also Coarb of Colum Cille in 989.

*resigned 1001, Muirecén mac Ciaracáin

Of "Both Domnaig" (Bodoney, County Tyrone); acting as Coarb 993; resigned 1001, died 1005.

*d. 1020, Máel Muire mac Eochada

Member of the Clann Sinaig; son of fer léigind Eochaid ua Flainn (died 1004) and nephew of Abbot Dub dá Leithe II (died 998); died in office 1020.

*d. 1049, Amalgaid mac Máel Muire

Member of the Clann Sinaig.

*d. 1064, Dub dá Leithe III Máel Muire

Member of the Clann Sinaig; also fer léigind (i.e., Lector) since 1046.

*d. 1074, Cummascach Ua hErodáin

In opposition to Dub dá Leithe III.

*d. 1091, Máel Ísu mac Amalgada

Member of the Clann Sinaig; died 18 December 1091.

*d. 1105, Domnall mac Amalgada

Member of the Clann Sinaig; died August 1105.

*d. 1129, Cellach of Armagh
(Saint Cellach; Irish: Cellach mac Áeda meic Máel Ísu)

Member of the Clann Sinaig; consecrated bishop of Armagh on 23 September 1105 and elevated to archbishop in 1106; died 1 April 1129; also known as Saint Ceallach and Celsus.

*1129 to 1134, Muirchertach mac Domnall

Member of the Clann Sinaig; died 17 September 1134; also known as Maurice MacDonald, and Murrough.

*resigned 1137, Niall mac Áeda meic Máel Ísu

Member of the Clann Sinaig; died 1139.

Later Bishops of Armagh

*d. 794, Affiath

Died on the same night as Abbot Airechtach (see above).

*d. 812, Saint Nuadu of Loch Uama

Also abbot of Armagh and anchorite.

*d. 833, Artrí mac Conchobair

Bishop of Armagh since 794; acted as abbot and Coarb (or possibly on behalf of Flandgus) in 818, 823, 825; died 833.

*d. 852, Forindán mac Murgile

Also abbot of Armagh.

*d. 863, Máel Pátraic mac Findchon

*d. 874, Féthgno mac Nechtain

Also abbot of Armagh.

*d. 883, Cathassach mac Robartaig

Also abbot of Armagh.

*d. 893, Mochtae daltae Féthgno

Also scribe and anchorite.

*d. 895, Máel Aithgin

*d. 903, Cellach mac Sóergussa

Also anchorite.

*d. 915, Máel Ciaráin mac Eochocáin

*d. 936, Ioseph mac Fathaig

Also abbot of Armagh and anchorite; also known as Joseph.

*d. 936, Máel Pátraic mac Máel Tuile

Also abbot of Armagh.

*d. 957, Cathassach mac Doilgén

Also abbot of Armagh.

*d. 967, Cathassach mac Murchadáin

*d. 994, Máel Muire mac Scandláinn

*d. 1006, Airmedach mac Coscraig

*d. 1012, (? Cenn Fáelad Sabaill)

Anchorite; said to be a 'pilgrim', and probably was not bishop of Armagh.

*d. 1032, Máel Tuile

*d. 1056, Áed Ua Forréid

May have resigned the bishopric when he became fer léigind (i.e., Lector) in 1049.

*d. 1096, Máel Pátraic mac Airmedaig

*d. 1106, Cáenchomrac Ua Baigill

Consecrated 29 May 1099.

After the see was elevated to an archbishopric in 1106, the Annals of Ulster record three more bishops of Armagh, but they probably ruled the see of Cinél nEógain (Ardstraw/Maghera), which later became the see of Derry.

*1107 to 1122, Máel Coluim Ua Broicháin

Styled bishop of Ard Macha; probably combined duties as bishop under the old regime with diocesan care over the see of Cinél nEógain; consecrated 13 September 1107; died at Derry in 1122.

*d. 1139, Máel Brigte Ua Broicháin

Styled bishop of Ard Macha; probably combined duties as bishop under the old regime with diocesan care over the see of Cinél nEógain; died 29 January 1139.

*d. 1186, Amlaim Ua Muirethaig

Styled "bishop of Ard-Macha and Cenel-Feradhaigh"; appears to be reckoned as Coarb of St Patrick in the Book of Leinster; probably ruled the see of Cinél nEógain; died at Cenél Feradaig Cruthnai, County Londonderry in 1185; buried in Derry

Pre-Reformation Archbishops of Armagh

*1105-1129, Cellach of Armagh
Saint Cellach; Irish: Cellach mac Áeda meic Máel Ísu

Abbot of Armagh; consecrated bishop on 23 September 1105; elevated to archbishop in 1106; died 1 April 1129; also known as Saint Ceallach, and Celsus.

*1129-1132/34, See vacant.

*1132/34-1136/37, Saint Malachy
Irish: Máel Máedóc Ua Morgair

Became bishop of Down and Connor in 1124; elected and consecrated Archbishop of Armagh in 1132, but was not installed until 1134; resigned the sees of Armagh and Connor in 1136 or 1137, but retained Down until his death on 2 November 1148; canonized by Pope Clement III on 6 July 1199; also known as Malachy O'Morgair, Malachy O' More, and Malachias.

*1137-1174, Gilla Meic Liac mac Diarmata

Elected and consecrated 1137; died 27 March 1174; also known as Gelasius.

*1174-1175, Cornelius of Armagh
Irish: Conchobar mac Meic Con Caille

Elected and consecrated c. 1174; died 1175; also known as St Concors and Cornelius MacConcaille.

*1175-1180, Gilla in Choimded Ua Caráin

Translated from Raphoe; elected and consecrated c. 1175; died c. January 1180; also known as Gillebertus, and Gilbert O'Caran.

*1180-1184, Tommaltach Ua Conchobair
Irish: Tommaltach mac Áeda Ua Conchobair

Elected and consecrated before February 1180; resigned in 1184; also known as Thomas O'Conor.

*1184-1186/87, Mael Ísu Ua Cerbaill

Elected Bishop of Clogher in 1178 and Archbishop of Armagh in 1184; held both sees until his death c. 1186 or 1187; also known as Malachias, and Maelisu O'Carroll.

*1186/87-1201, Tommaltach Ua Conchobair (again)
Irish: Tommaltach mac Áeda Ua Conchobair

Restored c. 1186 or 1187; died 1201.

*1206-1216, Echdonn Mac Gilla Uidir

Elected and consecrated 1202; acted as a suffragan bishop in the dioceses of Exeter and Worcester 1207; died after 11 August 1216; also known as Eugene MacGillaweer.

*1217-1227, Luke Netterville

Elected before August 1217; confirmed in 1220; died 17 April 1227.

*1227-1237, Donatus Ó Fidabra

Translated from Clogher c. August 1227; died before 17 October 1237; also known as Donat Fury, and Donat O'Feery.

*1238, (Robert Archer OP)

Elected before 4 April 1238, but never consecrated.

*1239-1246, Albert Suerbeer OP

Appointed before March 1239; consecrated 30 September 1240; translated to Prussia-Livonia 10 January 1246; also known as Alberic the German.

*1247-1256, Reginald of Bologna OP

Appointed and consecrated before 28 October 1247; died July 1256.

*1257-1260, Abraham Ó Conalláin

Elected after 20 February 1257; consecrated before 16 March 1258; died 21 December 1260; also known as Abraham O'Connellan.

*1261-1270, Máel Patraic Ua Scannail OP
(Anglicised: Patrick O'Scanlan)

Elected c. March and confirmed before 13 August 1261; translated from Raphoe 5 November 1261; died 16 March 1270; also known as Patrick O'Scanlan.

*1270-1303, Nicol Mac Máel Ísu

Elected after 9 May and confirmed 14 July 1270; died 10 May 1303; also known as Nicholas MacMaelisu.

*1303, (Michael MacLochlainn OFM)

Elected before 31 August 1303, but never consecrated; later elected Bishop of Derry in 1319.

*1303/04-c.1304, (Dionysius)

Appointed in 1303 or 1304, but was never consecrated; resigned c. 1304.

*1306-1307, John Taaffe

Appointed 27 August 1306; died before 6 August 1307.

*1307-1311, Walter Jorz OP

Appointed and consecrated 6 August 1307; resigned before 13 November 1311; also known as Walter Joyce.

*1311-1322, Roland Jorz OP

Appointed and consecrated 13 November 1311; resigned before 22 August 1322; acted as a suffragan bishop in the dioceses of Canterbury in 1323, and York in 1332; also known as Roland Joyce.

*1323-1333, Stephen Seagrave

Appointed 16 March 1323 and consecrated in April 1324; died 27 October 1333.

*1334-1346, David Mág Oireachtaigh

Elected before 4 July 1334 and appointed on that date; consecrated before 26 July 1334; died 16 May 1346; also known in Irish as David Mageraghty.

*1346-1360, Richard FitzRalph

Elected before 31 July 1346 and appointed on that date; consecrated 8 July 1347; died 16 November 1360.

*1361-1380, Milo Sweetman

Appointed 29 October 1361; consecrated between 17 and 21 November 1361; died 11 August 1380.

*1381, (Thomas Ó Calmáin OFM)

Appointed on 14 January 1381 by Avignon Pope Clement VII.

*1381-1404, John Colton

Appointed after January 1381; consecrated in 1381; resigned before April 1404; died 27 April 1404.

*1404-1416, Nicholas Fleming

Appointed 18 April and consecrated 1 May 1404; appointed (again) 11 November 1404; died after 22 June 1416.

*1416-1418, See vacant

During this period, Richard Talbot was elected archbishop of Armagh in 1416, but failed to secure confirmation in time. Later became Archbishop of Dublin in 1417.

*1418-1439, John Swayne

Appointed 10 January and consecrated c. 2 February 1418; resigned 27 March 1439; died before October 1442.

*1439-1443, John Prene

Appointed 27 March and consecrated in November 1439; died in June 1443.

*1443-1456, John Mey

Appointed 26 August 1443 and consecrated 20 June 1444; died in 1456.

*1457-1471, John Bole OSA

Appointed 2 May and consecrated before 13 June 1457; died 18 February 1471; also known as John Bull.

*1471-1474, John Foxalls OFM

Appointed 16 December 1471 and consecrated later in the same month; died before 23 November 1474; also known as John Foxholes.

*1475-1477, Edmund Connesburgh

Appointed 5 June 1475 and consecrated c. 1475, however, did not get possession of the see; resigned November 1477; became titular Archbishop of Chalcedon in 1478; in March 1483 he was styled "Archbishop in the universal church"; he acted as a suffragan bishop in the dioceses of Ely in 1477, and Exeter in 1502.

*1478-1513, Ottaviano Spinelli de Palatio DCL

Appointed 3 July 1478 and consecrated before January 1480; died in June 1513.

*1513-1521, John Kite

Appointed 24 October 1513 and consecrated after that date; translated to Carlisle 12 July 1521.

Archbishops of Armagh during the Reformation

*1521-1543, George Cromer

Appointed by the papacy on 2 October 1521 and consecrated in December 1521 or April 1522. After initially denouncing Henry VIII's decrees against the Roman Catholic Church, Cromer submitted to Royal supremacy. Suspended by the papacy on 23 July 1539, but was not recognised by the king, and Cromer continued in office. Died on 16 March 1543.

*1539-1551, Robert Wauchope

Appointed by the papacy to administer the see on 23 July 1539, but was not recognised by the king. After Cromer's death, Wauchope was consecrated c. 1543 and granted the pallium on 23 March 1545, but was unable to take control of the see. Died in exile in Paris on 15 August 1551.

*1543-1551, George Dowdall (1st term)

Nominated by King Henry VIII on 19 April 1543 and consecrated December 1543. Deemed to have abandoned the See before 28 July 1551.

*1552-1553, Hugh Goodacre

Nominated by King Edward VI on 28 October 1552 and consecrated on 2 February 1553. Died on 1 May 1553.

*1553-1558, George Dowdall (2nd term)

Appointed by the papacy on 1 March 1553 and granted the temporalities by Queen Mary I on 23 October 1553. Died on 15 August 1558.

Church of Ireland Archbishops of Armagh

*1558-1562, See vacant.

*1562-1567,  Adam Loftus

Nominated 30 October 1562; consecrated 2 March 1563; Translated to Dublin 9 August 1567; died 5 April 1605.

*1568-1584,  Thomas Lancaster

Formerly Bishop of Kildare (1550–1555); nominated 12 March 1568; consecrated 13 June 1568; died 1584.

*1584-1589,  John Longe

Nominated 7 July 1584; consecrated 13 July 1584; died before 16 January 1589.

*1589-1595,  John Garvey

Translated from Kilmore; nominated 24 March 1589; by letters patent 10 May 1589; died 2 March 1595.

*1595-1613,  Henry Ussher

Nominated 24 May 1595; consecrated August 1595; also Archdeacon of Dublin 1580–1613; died 2 April 1613.

*1613-1625,  Christopher Hampton

Nominated 16 April 1613; consecrated 8 May 1613; died 3 January 1625.

*1625-1656,  James Ussher

Translated from Meath; nominated 29 January 1625; by letters patent 21 March 1625; also Bishop of Carlisle 1641–1656; died 21 March 1656.

*1656-1661, See vacant.

*1661-1663,  John Bramhall

Translated from Derry; nominated 1 August 1660; letters patent 18 January 1661; died 25 June 1663.

*1663-1678,  James Margetson

Translated from Dublin; nominated 25 July 1663, by letters patent 20 August 1663; died 28 August 1678.

*1679-1702,  Michael Boyle

Translated from Dublin; nominated 21 January 1679; by letters patent 27 February 1679; died 10 December 1702.

*1703-1713,  Narcissus Marsh

Translated from Dublin; nominated 26 January 1703; by letters patent 18 February 1703; died 2 November 1713.

*1713-1724,  Thomas Lindsay

Translated from Raphoe; nominated 22 December 1713; by letters patent 4 January 1714; died 13 July 1724.

*1724-1742,  Hugh Boulter

Translated from Bristol; nominated 12 August 1724; by letters patent 31 August 1724; died 27 September 1742.

*1742-1746,  John Hoadly

Translated from Dublin; nominated 6 October 1742; by letters patent 21 October 1742; died 16 July 1746.

*1747-1764,  George Stone

Translated from Derry; nominated 28 February 1747; by letters patent 13 March 1747; died 19 December 1764.

*1765-1794,  Richard Robinson

The Lord Rokeby from 1777. Translated from Kildare; nominated 8 January 1765; by letters patent 8 February 1765;[15] died 10 October 1794.

*1795-1800,  William Newcome

Translated from Waterford and Lismore; nominated 16 January 1795; by letters patent 27 January 1795; died 11 January 1800.

*1800-1822,  The Hon William Stuart

Translated from St David's; nominated 30 October 1800; by letters patent 22 November 1800; died 6 May 1822.

*1822-1862,  Lord John Beresford

Translated from Dublin; nominated and by letters patent 17 June 1822; died 18 July 1862.

*1862-1885, Marcus Beresford

Translated from Kilmore, Elphin and Ardagh; by letters patent 15 October 1862; died 26 December 1885.

*1886-1893, Robert Knox

Translated from Down, Connor and Dromore; elected 11 May 1886; died 23 October 1893.

*1893-1896,  Robert Gregg

Translated from Cork, Cloyne and Ross; elected 14 December 1893; died 10 January 1896.

*1896-1911,  William Alexander

Translated from Derry and Raphoe; elected 25 February 1896; resigned 1 February 1911; died 12 September 1911.

*1911-1920,  John Crozier

Translated from Down, Connor and Dromore; elected 2 February 1911; died 11 April 1920.

*1920-1938,  Charles D'Arcy

Translated from Dublin; elected 17 June 1920; died 1 February 1938.

*1938-1938,  Godfrey Day

Translated from Ossory, Ferns and Leighlin; 27 April 1938; died 26 September 1938.

*1939-1959,  John Gregg

Translated from Dublin; elected 15 December 1938; accepted 1 January 1939; resigned 18 February 1959; died 1961.

*1959-1969,  James McCann

Translated from Meath; elected 19 February 1959; resigned 16 July 1969.

*1969-1980,  George Simms

Translated from Dublin; elected 17 July 1969; resigned 11 February 1980; died 1991.

*1980-1986,  John Armstrong

Translated from Cashel and Ossory; elected 25 February 1980; resigned 1986; died 1987.

*1986-2006,  Robin Eames

Translated from Down and Dromore; retired; created Baron Eames on 25 August 1995.[16]

*2007-2012,  Alan Harper [17]

Translated from Connor; elected 9 January 2007; enthroned 16 March 2007; retired 1 October 2012.[17]

*2012-2020, Richard Clarke

Translated from Meath and Kildare; elected 3 October 2012; enthroned 12 December 2012; retired 2 February 2020.[18]

*2020-Present, John McDowell

Translated from Clogher; elected 18 March 2020.


The Celtic Society of St. James

The Celtic Church in Mississippi, established in September 2000 and incorporated January 24, 2005, also known as  The Celtic Catholic Church of the Americas on January 24, 2020.

The Right Reverend Liam Flint was consecrated missionary titular bishop on September 4, 2000, in Jackson, Mississippi, by The Most Reverend Robin Eames, The Right Reverend Martin O'Mally, and The Right Reverend Brenden Fitzpatrick representing the Celtic Synod of the Churches of Ireland for the purposed of establishing the Celtic Society of St. James.

No ordinations or consecrations have been made under this apostolic line.

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